When we say that we can help you design your success, we are actually following this simple equation.


We use the term design in the sense of thinking, planning, testing, solving and feeling. Designers are generally passionate about what they do, every new project is a challenge, a problem to solve, a mountain to climb. And it’s fascinating because, even if there’s a methodology, every single one is different, as unique as the set of circumstances that surrounds it.


First you need information, a lot of it. You need to be aware of all there is to know regarding your project. Every single aspect of it is crucial. Who is involved? Who are these people deep inside? What are the motivation(s) behind the project? Is that motivation powerful enough to fuel the rocket all the way to the moon? Who is your customer? Do you follow the market because you see there’s demand or are you addressing a lack of offer? Etc.


Once you have all this information, then comes the fun part. The mapping! You need to have an orderly reflexion, following a logic (find yours) and analyse all the elements, combine them into all the possible configurations, and chose which suit you best.


Here’s where style comes in. Style, by definition is very personal. It’s the intangible watermark you put on all things you do, it’s very intuitive and appeals to your own sensibility. Once you have done the initial work of research and acknowledgement around your project and identified all possible scenarios, you need to trust your guts and let who you are guide your steps because it’s what is going to make your project truly unique and successful.


It’s like making a highly educated guess. You need to research and analyse but then, you have to jump, and success lies into repeating the process constantly. Don’t worry, the first jump is the hardest to make but the following ones are just exciting and fill you with confidence a little a bit more each time.


If you want us to help you with the first (or any) jump, get in touch.