Why is it so important to have a well defined worldview and a strong philosophy?


You know that phrase: “think outside the box”. Well it always puzzled me, even if I use it more than I should, to be honest. I always imagine this box suspended in a void, floating,  and my thoughts, trapped inside, trying (and failing) to get out… but to go where? Anyway, it doesn’t make much sense but we all understand the deeper implications of it.


When you have a philosophy, it is actually your very own and cosy box, big and comfortable enough to be able to think inside of it, with the necessary boundaries for you to act and think with meaningfulness. And since you created the box, you don’t feel trapped, you’re basically home so no need to go outside it, into the complete unknown.


Your philosophy is also what makes you identifiable. People can relate and identify to the way you think and do things, it creates engagement and facilitates the construction of your community and the interaction with it.


It might be tough to put it into a manifesto so to speak, but since it is an essential part of who you are, it is worth putting it down because it will give you clarity and a set of rules for the game you are creating. Don’t worry, you can always change the rules if the game changes!


If you find it hard identifying clearly your philosophy, we’d be happy to help you with that! Philosophy is a true passion for us.