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We listen to you attentively and tell you everything you need to know in order to be able to thoroughly plan your whole operation.


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We will offer you a complete strategy designed just for you, based on your goals.


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We create your bespoke company and help you with your action plan.

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We specialise in company formation. We know what it implies for you at all levels. Once we’ve familiarised ourselves with your project, we will recommend the legal status that is most suited for it, respecting your evolution plans.

If you just arrived in Spain and don’t speak the language, don’t worry, as we are trilingual. We offer our services in English, French and Spanish.


Ideal to start in Spain if you are a freelancer. You will be subject to the income tax on your benefit only. The liability is not limited.

Sociedad limitada

The classic limited liability company. Subject to a 25% company tax on your benefit. 15% for the first two years if none of the shareholders has practised the same activity just before as an “autonomo”.

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If you already have a company up and running in another country and you want to come and live in Spain, this is the best option for you to keep control of your assets, with tax advantages.

Subsidiary / Branch

If your intention is to expand your company to new territories, delocalise a part of your operations, or simply create a new activity within your existing structure, opening a subsidiary or a branch. This is the best option.

Representation office

If you wish to explore the Spanish market but without fully moving to Spain yet, you can open a representation office solely for employing sales representatives.


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